Classical Homeopathy with Ido Gilat 

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Classical homeopathy is an alternative, natural, and effective healing method, used to treat a wide spectrum of illnesses and symptoms, including physical, mental, and spiritual problems - chronic or acute. Homeopathic treatment brings not only local relief, for a specific illness or symptom, but rather  increases the vitality, strengths the immune system, uplifts your mood, and generally improves your health and wellbeing. The secret lies in the classical homeopathic approach of a whole and natural healing approach.  Conventional medicine breaks down the human body to parts, treats every symptom and every illness locally and holds a more technical approach. Your head hurts, you take a pill for headaches,  4 hrs later, if the pain comes back, you take another one.  But what about your stress? Your cough? Joint pains? Classical Homeopathy looks at the human body as one, whole unit and does treat  it as aone, undivided unit. An additional basic principle that makes this approach so effective, is the way of healing. This special doctrine looks beyond the symptoms, to the root of the problem, and through treatment, stimulate the human body to heal itself. 

The Homeopathic Principles 
Classic  Homeopathy has three principles, they have remained unchanged over the centuries:

1. "Similia Similibus Curentur" – a Latin phrase meaning " Like cure likes".
We each show symptoms of body, mind, and spirit when were ill. Thus for the Homeopathic remedy to be curative, the symptom picture of the remedy must be like the one which the sick person shows.  This principal trust the natural healing force within the living organism and just stimulate it to act.

2. "The Minimal Dose"- Classic Homeopathy puts a strong emphasis on giving remedies in the lowest dosage possible. The reason is due to the fact the remedy is meant to stimulate the body's own healing power and not to cause further problems. The remedies are diluted and homeopath should try to heal in the most gentle way possible. 

3. "Individuality" - as every human being is unique and therefore might need a unique treatment in order to restore health and well being. Classical homeopathy offers an individual perspective to examine and determine treatment based on one's personal characteristics combined with the disease/discomfort symptoms. 

About me 
I discovered Homeopathy for the first time in the year 2000. After suffering from allergies my entire life. Giving up on conventional medicine I turned to classical Homeopathy. In just a few weeks not only did I notice relief in his allergies, but noticed improvement in other life aspects. That year Idecided to change his career from being a broker to go and study classical Homeopathy.  With the top teachers in the field: Dr. Haim Rosenthal, and Dr. Rina Markowitz, I also  trained with Vega Rosenberg and Jeremy Sherr: two of the biggest names in Homeopathy. I practiced internship at "Hillel Yaffe hospital" and trained at different wards at "Asaf Harofe" medical center. Since 2006 I've been working in clinics at Tel Aviv, Herzelia and Pardes Hana and listed as amember at the "Israeli Classical Homeopathy Organization". As I was born in U.S.A speaks fluent English and have many english speaking patients, at my clinics. I constantly follow homeopathic and medical publications and attend seminars to stay up to date in this field. 
I am very grateful to how homeopathy changed my life, and inviting you to feel the change and the power of this unique, powerful natural healing method.